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WhatsApp for Windows PC

WHATSAPP INC. - March 2018

Free messaging, file sharing and much more in the most popular communication App in the world. Now compatible with Windows PC.


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Whatsapp is a free messaging app which nearly the whole world is familiar with by now, it is probably used more often to message friends, family and colleagues than the original SMS and MMS messaging service and it’s unlikely it’s not the quintessential app on everyone’s smart phone.

Now it’s available for Windows desktop meaning you can link it direct to your phone number and receive and send messages right there from your desktop extremely handy if you want to stay contactable whilst you are at work or working at home from your computer.

Whatsapp is a fast and free messaging service where you have the capability not just to send text messages, but send voice messages, picture messages, share links and even attach files to messages making it very useful for business related communications. You can set up groups so that you can keep people together who all want to converse about a particular subject or set up a group just for you and your work colleagues or for any social groups you may have. Using Whatsapp with all these great features makes it very easy to organize and arrange both your work and social life and of course it’s free so takes away from all those MMS charges you would receive from your cell phone provider.

Whatsapp now has a user base of one billion and is by far the most popular messaging application and still remains growing in popularity with it now being available to download for Windows you can use it not just on your smartphone but desktop too.

WhatsApp is being constantly improved and upgraded for functionality and safety. Download WhatsApp for PC now and you will get full installation, updates and upgrades 100% free.

This are some of the most important WhatsApp features:

Important: WhatsApp for Windows PC communicates directly with the WhatsApp app on your Smartphone while in use. Your smartphone needs to have the WhatsApp app installed, running and logged in for it to work.