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A versatile media player that plays more file types than you knew existed!


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VLC media player is a free and open source downloadable media player available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports many audio and video compression methods and has support for a huge range of different file types, it is almost impossible to find a file type that VLC media player does not play it can even sometimes read damaged files or incomplete files whilst they are still downloading.

It has a user-friendly interface which can look a little basic but means it is very easy to navigate through it for even the most casual of users.

VLC supports both video and audio files so can also be used as a music player as well as a video player, it can also be used to transcode or stream audio and video files in to many different formats. It can also be used to record and stream audio and video. It can be used also as a DVD player through your computer.

VLC is the go to media player for any file that you cannot play in your standard media player for example if you have Windows Media Player and find a video or audio file that you can’t play in there, the chances are that VLC will be able to.

Because it is open source VLC is constantly being improved, it now has support for QuickTime (MOV), Windows Media, MP3 and Ogg files in websites when you are using internet explorer.

VLC has proven so popular that even an android version was released in 2012.