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CANONICAL LTD. - March 2018

The best performing, most updated and most popular free operating system, comming with thousands of features.


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Ubuntu is a free and open source Linux operating system for personal computers, smartphones and network servers. It uses Unity as its default user interface. The installation of Ubuntu includes a whole range of free software including LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Transmission and even several games such as Sudoku and Chess. Ubuntu places a lot of focus on “Out of the box” security the default user programs all run with low privileges so there is no possibility they can corrupt your operating system or other users files. For increased security the Sudo tool is used to assign temporary privileges for performing administrative tasks.

Ubuntu can be used across all of your devices, for example you could have it on your computer, and tablet and smart phone meaning you have a converged system, so you have one operating system across multiple devices.

Ubuntu has its own software center so that you can quickly and easily add extra features and programs to your interface including programs that were previously included in the installation but no longer are such as GIMP, Pidgin and Synaptic.

Placing a focus on having one easy to use interface and airtight security Ubuntu really is an impressive cross platform interface that makes having one computing experience across all of your devices not just a possibility but also very easy to use.

Additional software included with Ubuntu:

Minimum requirements: