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DON HO - March 2018

A powerful text editor which is a great for code writers that can also serve as a replacement for standard notepad.


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Notepad++ is a text and source code editor to be used with Windows although Windows has its own built in Notepad program the benefits of Notepad++ is that it has many more features than the standard Notepad, Notepad++ offers tabbed editing which allows you to open multiple files in the same window.

Notepad++ is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Unix and Classic Mac OS line ending characters, it features a spell checker, multiple clipboards, spell checker, tabbed document interface, zooming, data comparison, simultaneous editing, square selection so that you can edit multiple lines at once.

The text encoding formats include ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8 and many UTF-16 encodings, there is also an FTP browser included in the standard installation.

Notepad++ automatically backups your unsaved files and supports square selection meaning that you have the ability to edit multiple lines at once.

Along with all this Notepad++ is one of the world’s most popular source code editors in the world and has support for syntax highlighting and code folding for over 50 programming, scripting and mark up languages, some of the programming features include Syntax highlighting and folding, Macro recording and execution, customizable shortcut key mapping, automatic detection of the language a file uses and configurable syntax highlighting in font styles and colors.

Notepad++ supports many programming languages and has support for macros and plugins it also has support for switching into local language after you provide an XML file containing all the information that should be translated.

Notepad++ has been translated in to hundreds of languages and local dialects it is also smaller than standard Notepad and therefore places less strain on your computer it is also open source so if you have the knowledge you can make any improvements and changes you wish to.

Numbered lines make coding easy. The ability to color the active tab to distinguish it from others which is a very useful feature.

Notepad++ is a very useful program with far more features than standard notepad programs also with many helpful tools for writing code and is often cited as being one of the best HTML editors available.