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Download audio from YouTube and songs from other sources instantly, Convert music to MP3 easily. Click below to install the most powerful MP3 tool for free!


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MP3 Rocket is an incredibly quick program that you can use to download videos or music from YouTube and convert them to MP3.

It’s really simple to use and includes a built in search engine which will search videos and music on YouTube (as well as other video hosting sites) for you which is a great help you can choose to copy and paste the URL for the video you want to download and convert but it’s just as quick and easy just to type whichever video you want in to the search engine and the speed to find the list of related videos is very quick however the most impressive thing is the actual speed of the download itself, we tested it out and downloading and converting songs always took less than 10 seconds. You can also click on the video tab and directly download videos from YouTube which you can then keep on your computer.

There is some other pretty great features on MP3 Rocket also such as being able to convert any of your downloads in to a ringtone for your cell phone, you can also search certain sites for images and things. MP3 Rocket also has a built in screen and audio recorder proving that there is a lot more features hidden away in it rather than just the MP3 converter.

There is also a built in radio player and a section in which you can play games. MP3 Rocket is much more than just a program to download music from video streaming sites, it’s a feature rich program that makes life a lot easier for you if you want to have music permanently in your computer rather than having to go to a website every time you want to hear your favorite tracks.

These are some of the things you can do with MP3 Rocket:

100% Free to download, install and unlimited use.