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PANDORA TV CO., LTD - March 2018

A feature laden Multimedia Player that is perfect for casual users and tech aficionados alike, supporting nearly all formats you could think of.


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KMPlayer is a free media player for use with Windows which supports nearly every file format you could possibly think of.

Well respected among tech heads and those in the know KMPlayer could be thought of as something of a secret and really should be more well-known but has somehow missed out on the recognition it truly deserves, it’s an incredibly powerful tool and the fact it has support for so many file types means that you will never have to search for separate codecs to play files again.

The interface is simple yet sleek looking with the main controls displayed in the bottom left corner and to the right information is given about the files and filters. By left clicking on the KM logo in the top left hand corner you can open the file menu and use KMPlayer to search one or multiple files that you would like to open with the media player you can also use it to open CD’s and DVD’s from your disk drive.

The menu that opens from the KMPlayer logo will give you access to the huge amount of features that are included, and it’s with these extensive features that KMPlayer really makes a name for itself with detailed menus such as the screen controls meaning that you can change screen sizes, ratios and transparency. The subtitles option means you can actually search online for subtitles to be added online, add multiple subtitles even resynch and modify subtitles.

The playback feature means you can move between frames, move back and forth, resync audio and time shutdown and there is also a bookmarks and chapter feature so you can bookmark certain positions within a file and this really only scratches the surface of the huge amount of features.

KMPlayer is well thought out and not overwhelming for inexperienced users to be able to use it enjoyably but also has so many features that tech addicts should be suitably pleased with the amount of options available to them.

Feature List:

100% Free to download, install and unlimited use.