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FROSTWIRE - March 2018

Not just a torrent client but a search engine, audio player and torrent client all rolled in to one!


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Frostwire is a free and open source torrent client for peer to peer file sharing, meaning you can download files and share them all directly from the program itself using the inbuilt search engine you can simply type the file you are looking for inside the program itself and search for it there a benefit that other torrent apps don’t give you and the search speed is very fast depending on how many results there are for your search enquiry.

You can download your chosen files with just one tap, it also has filters so you are able to choose from films, music, pictures and ebooks when searching for torrents to download.

You can also preview and play the files whilst they are downloading to check the quality and ensure you have the file you want.

Frostwire also gives you options as to how you download and whether or not you would like to seed files once they have been downloaded. The ability to be able to play files within the program itself makes it not just a torrent client but a torrent client, search engine and audio player all within the one application.

Although very easy it also features extensive download options.

Simple to set up and use Frostwire can be downloaded not only for your PC but also has an application available for android phones.