MOZILLA - March 2018

Fast, safe and reliable Internet browser featuring a useful tab system, sync utilities and constant updates.


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Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser meaning that it is constantly being updated and improved. Arguably the fastest web browser available Firefox offers a clean and simple browsing experience. Firefox is already the most popular browser in many countries and its popularity continues to grow worldwide. Some of the features included in Mozilla Firefox are spell checking, live bookmarking, a download manager and private browsing and geolocation.

In 2014 Firefox Hello was added allowing two users both using the Firefox browser to video call each other, using this feature also allows screen and file sharing between the two Firefox users.

You can also add themes to customize and personalize your browser by visiting websites and downloading personalized themes with your own choice of colors and themes. The Firefox add-on website also gives the user the ability to download games and other applications such as ad blockers or screen shot apps to be added to your browser.

Firefox features a synchronization feature meaning it can store your history, passwords, bookmarks and more. The tabbed browsing feature also means that you can switch quickly between webpages in a single window. You can reorder tabs and organize them in to customizable groups using the Panorama feature.

The find on page feature allows you to quickly and easily find a single word or phrase on a webpage.

Firefox also includes a voice interaction add-on allowing you to browse the internet through voice commands rather than having to type, however you will need to install the add-on for this particular feature.

Mozilla has also added a virtual sticky notes feature to the Firefox browser so that you can add your own notes to webpages and then access them from the toolbar. Also included is a private browsing feature that allows you to surf the net anonymously in a new tab.

The browser has a smart location bar meaning it is fast and easy to return to websites you have previously visited even if you can’t remember the URL.

Firefox also has a built-in PDF viewer, which means you don’t have to open PDF files in a separate program.

Firefox has an extensive database of help and support notes from its community whilst also offering help in the form of live chat should you experience any problems.

In tests Firefox out performs other browsers in both speed and ease of use and is often cited as the best web browser available.