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A simple yet effective tool for downloading YouTube videos and more!


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ClipGrab is a very useful tool making it possible to grab clips directly from YouTube or other video hosting sites such as Vimeo or Dailymotion and download them on to your computer or device.

The process is very straight forward and simple and Clipgrab even has a search functionality meaning you can just type some key words in to find the videos or type of video you are looking for. It also offers video file conversion, with the default converting all videos to MP4 but you are also able to convert videos in to WMV, OGG, MP3 or just take the audio from the video without the video file itself.

Although it’s a rather no frills, small program it does the job perfectly if you are looking for an easy way to download videos from YouTube you can either use the video URL or simply search from within the ClipGrab application to find the video that you want.

When you type a URL link on to ClipGrab it will very swiftly analyze it and then give you a variety of options as to what format you would like to download the clip or video in., You can also download High Definition videos just make sure you have chosen HD from the drop down menu before you start the download.

ClipGrab has a very small file size and will not affect your computer’s performance at all and will make life a lot easier if you have videos you want to download direct from YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Feature List:

100% Free to download, install and unlimited use.