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A torrent client whose simple user interface hides just how feature rich that it is. Download and share now easy, fast and free.


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BitLord is a simple torrent client which is ideal for new users who don’t have much experience with torrent clients, it’s minimalistic approach makes it very easy to use and although it’s not feature laden this can actually be seen as one of its advantages as the interface is easy to use. As soon as it is opened you will be presented with a list of the current most popular file downloads, rather handily some of these also have an option to stream direct from the host so you can just watch or listen to your chosen file without having to use up precious space by downloading the files, of course if you want to keep the files then all you have to do is simply click the download button rather than the stream button.

Billed as the easiest torrent downloader it really does live up to its billing with features such as a built in search engine and media player (VLC) meaning you can download or stream files and watch or listen to them all from inside Bitlord itself.

The built in torrent search engine also has a safety verification system to avoid accidentally downloading any malicious files.  

People looking for an easy to use torrent client such as new users or even someone just looking for a simple and straight forward no frills torrent client that is actually much more feature packed than it seems at first glance should definitely be pleased with what BitLord can do for you.